COBOT is the first company in the world to put forward the intelligent operating system for industrial robots. With the world-class R&D team, deep cultivation in artificial intelligence 3D vision, force control and other core technologies, COBOT has implanted the machine learning algorithm model into the "robot brain" COBOTSYS, which ensures the safety, stability, and ease of use of industrial robots, linking end users, robot manufacturers, and system integrators to promptly fulfill customer requirements.

In the next five years, COBOTSYS, the original "robot brain" of COBOT, will become the connecting hub of millions of robots, creating a robotic environment that everyone can access, liberating people from the dull, dangerous, and repetitive environment, and making industrial robots true partners of humans.

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You can contact us through the following ways.

Telephone: 027-87003309
Cooperation: kbt@cobotsys.com
HR: hr@cobotsys.com
Business: 027-65526199
Address: E2 Building, Phase I, Longshan Innovation Park, Future City, No. 999 Gaoxin Avenue, Wuhan
Visit: Wuchang Station - Future Science City (30 minutes)

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