Wuhan Cooper Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Cooper"), founded in May 2016, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development of industrial robot intelligent operating system. Relying on independent innovation advantages and talent advantages in machine learning, artificial intelligence and intelligent teaching technology, the company focuses on the development and application of advanced robots and intelligent systems, and is an international leader in this field. Through the dual core development strategy of intelligent operating system + landing application and based on the robot operating system Cobotsys, the company has actively expanded the application scenarios, and provided solutions for the medical, food, new retail, education and other industries, and achieved good application effects.

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You can contact us through the following ways.

Telephone: 027-87003309
Cooperation: kbt@cobotsys.com
HR: hr@cobotsys.com
Business: 027-65526199
Address: E2 Building, Phase I, Longshan Innovation Park, Future City, No. 999 Gaoxin Avenue, Wuhan
Visit: Wuchang Station - Future Science City (30 minutes)

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