COMATRIX is a 3D vision product customized by COBOT for intelligent robots. It is equipped with NVIDIA chip platform and has super GPU processing capability. With industry-leading visual sensors, it achieves the perfect combination of high-precision 3D and high-resolution 2D vision. Intelligent algorithm is used to identify and locate the reflective and black objects, perfectly adapting to various complex use scenarios.

Tackling the difficulties of industrial upgrading based on quality service;

Simple secondary development: powerful and flexible development kit helps customers to quickly complete product development, reduce costs, and enhance product competitiveness;

Rapid on-site support: professional and efficient technical service team to provide strong support for customers.


Product Advantage

  • High Definition Camera Technology

  • Intelligent Optical Technology

  • Bright/Dark Adaptation Technology

  • Extremely Fast

  • Powerful Machine Vision Platform


Technology Full Resolution Mode Description
Depth Map Up to 2 million 3D points Each point with its own (x, y, z) coordinates
Z-axis Accuracy 0.2 mm Depth Error of Each Point
Measuring Distance 900 mm - 1200 mm Legitimate Measuring Range of Model M
Object Dimensions 640*400-850*530 (mm) Minimum and Maximum Measurable Object Dimensions
image resolution 5 Million Pixels 2D Photo Resolution
3D and 2D Coordinates 100% Alignment No need for customer to develop alignment algorithm

Scanning distance and object size

Other size requirements can be customized


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