Robots have gradually stepped into people’s life, it is omnipresent no matter in industrial production or in domestic service. In addition, the application and development for robots have appeared in people’s field of vision, which became a hot research object in university education institutions etc.
Robot application research, for now, is difficult with a wide range of knowledge required,which made many troubles for users. As a result, building a good platform seems particularly important. he platform should not only be able to meet various application scenarios but also required to adapt to rapid and efficient development.
With the continuous progress of science and technology, products of Cobot are keeping forging ahead. CAssemblyC2 originated from CAssemblyC1-the first generation of two-arm product.With the support of powerful COBOTSYS, CAssemblyC2 became easier to develop, and more intelligent hardware could be extended. Thus, it has much more technical advantages in scientific research.

CAssembly video

Product Advantage

  • Advanced Hardware Platform

  • Powerful Algorithmic Library

  • Extensive Application Scenarios

  • Top Technical Support

  • Cross-Platform Application

  • Free Official Applications

Product Framework

    3D Motion Vision

    Visual calibration

    Image perception

    Visual guidance

    6-Joint Manipulator

    Aotion planning

    Flexible operation

    Collision detection

    Two-Arm Coordination

    Human-machine cooperation

    Interactive Display

    Extensible development of human - machine interface

    Voice interaction can be loaded

    Face recognition display interface can be developed

    Robot End

    Flexible selection of various claws

    Adaptive product capture

    Force control system can be equipped

    2D Vsual Recognition

    Assisted 3D vision

    Increase the range of adaptive applications

    Rapid response

  • C2VISION 002
    • 3D Vision

    • High resolution RGBD Image

    • 30 Fps fast communication frame rate

    • Good range of vision

    • Adjustable moving vision

    • Efficient visual processing algorithm

  • Robot End
    • Flexible to expand, multiple smart components are available

    • Capture product diversity

    • Optional six-dimensional force sensor for tactile development

    • Loading 2D vision for free recognition

    • Wireless Wifi communication transmission data

    • Accurate TCP positioning

  • Optional Smart Hardware


    6-Dimensional force sensor

    Brachial Visual Camera


Download Center

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