CAssembly is a software and hardware application development platform based on COBOTSYS. Its convenient hardware driver and rich algorithm library support users’ development of a variety of algorithms for research and application. Whether it is human-machine collaboration or two-arm coordination, CAssembly can accomplish the task with ease.

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Product Advantage

  • Advanced Hardware Platform

  • Powerful Algorithmic Library

  • Extensive Application Scenarios

  • Top Technical Support

  • Cross-Platform Application

  • Free Official Applications

Product Framework

    3D Motion Vision

    • Visual Calibration

    • Image Perception

    • Visual Guidance


    Six-Joint Manipulator

    • Motion Planning

    • Flexible Operation

    • Collision Detection

    • Two-Arm Coordination

    • Human-Machine Cooperation

    4-DOF Flexible Hand

    • Flexible Grasp 

    • Grab planning

    • Grab learning 

    Six-Dimensional Force Sensor

    • Flexible Assembly

    • Force-Controlled Grinding

    • Intelligent Teaching

    • Dynamic Compensation

    Control Box

    • Flexible control, each finger with independent position, speed, and torque control, with only one step;  

    • Easy to develop, providing SDK based on Windows and Linux as well as development documents, along with ROS drivers and application routines.

    Flexible Rubber Pad

    • • Flexible rubber pad can prevent the rigid collision between the target and the hand grasp, effectively protecting the target.

    Flexible Fingers

    •Four degrees of freedom, adjustable finger posture, flexible grasp;  

    • With rope drive and flexible joint, it can adapt to the shape of the target object.


    • Strong drive, driven by high torque motor, providing feedback of position, speed, and toque, forming closed-loop control.

  • HEX-70-XE-200N
    • Six-dimensional High Precision Force Data Measurement

    • Highly Adaptable Product Design

    • Protection Level of IP65

    • Good Mechanical Impact Resistance

    • More Convenient Integration Methods

    • More Flexible Communication Interface

    • 3D Vision

    • High Resolution RGBD Images

    • 30 fps Fast Communication Frame Rate

    • Good Range of Vision

    • 2-DOF Motion Vision

    • Efficient Visual Processing Algorithms


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