CGrasp is a high-speed flexible grasping solution for robots independently developed by COBOT. It can select the optimal visual algorithm and motion path adaptively according to the type of objects it grabs. Its grasps are accurate, fast, and flexible, perfectly meeting the sorting needs of logistics, medicine, food, 3C, retail and other industries.


CGrasp video

Product Advantage

  • Suitable for a variety of goods

  • Top speed

  • Flexible deployment

  • Superb robustness

  • Rapid introduction of new products

  • Stable and maintenance-free system

Product Framework

    Adaptive Robot Vision

    CGrasp provides a variety of robot vision algorithms, and selects the optimal algorithm adaptively according to the type of objects, covering a large number of items.

    High Speed Intelligent Claw

    CGrasp's claw is a smart end clamp combining suction cup and flexible finger, which helps clamp objects and improve reliability. The clamp has a vacuum pressure sensor and a pneumatic buffer device, realizing the closed-loop control of grasping through pressure detection feedback and protecting the objects being grasped.

    Independent mobile platform

    The robots are installed on a separate mobile platform for quick deployment.


Download Center

Please download the data information about CGRASP here.

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