COBOTSYS is an intelligent industrial robot operating system developed by COBOT, integrating robotic vision, intelligent force control, grasp planning, and machine learning. It aims to make the use of industrial robots simple.

Rich and powerful software tools, highly robust visual algorithm and force control algorithm, wide coverage of industrial robot drive and sensor drive greatly reduce the threshold and deployment costs of industrial robots.

The use of industrial robots is really simple!

CobotSys video

Product Advantage

  • Independent and Secure

  • Cross-Scenario Tasks

  • Simple Maintenance and Upgrade

  • Cross-Platform Robots

Core Technology

COBOTLink Plug and Play; Dynamic Management; Strong Extensibility
COBOTForce Intelligent Force Sensing; Flexible Force Control Algorithms; Real-Time Monitoring and Protection; Rapid Task Interaction
COBOTMotion Automatic Generation of Trajectory; High-Speed Stability; Real-Time Trajectory Adjustment
COBOTVision Automated Calibration; High Applicability; High Robustness; Fast Adaptation
COBOTCloud Intelligent Data Processing; Deep Data Analysis; Optimizing Operation Model
COBOT+ Simple and Easy to Use; Public and Open


Product Framework


  • Vision Camera

  • Force Sensor

  • Robot

  • Intelligent Terminal

  • Industrial Control Equipment


  • COBOTLink
  • COBOTForce
  • COBOTMotion
  • COBOTVision
  • COBOTCloud
  • COBOT+
  • CGrasp App

  • CPolish App

  • CAssembly App

Download Center

Please download the data information about COBOTSYS here.

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