COHAND is a series of new flexible manipulator products independently developed by COBOT. It is specifically designed for intelligent robot grasping applications, aimed for educational research, logistics sorting and other fields. This series of products are perfectly compatible with Windows, Linux and ROS operating systems. COBOTSYS robot operating system developed by COBOT is compatible with mainstream robots.

COHAND201 two-fingered dexterous hand and COHAND304 three-fingered dexterous hand are designed with underactuated and flexible joints, with the characteristics of flexible grasping, wide grasping range, and wide application. COHAND212 suction hand grasps objects with suction cup, with flexible material finger-assisted clamping, long stroke and large load, handling deep frame grasping with ease.

COHAND video

Product Advantage

  • Rope Drive

  • Flexible Joint

  • Simple Control

  • Convenient Development

  • Degree of Freedom: Finger * 3 + Interdigital Posture * 1

    Driving Mode: Motor Drive

    Applicable Item Size: 16-150Mm

    Work Range: Finger Root 150°/Fingertip 50°/Between Fingers 90°

    Grip/Grab Weight: 15-20N

    Body Weight: 980g

  • Degree of Freedom: Suction Cup * 1 + Claw * 1

    Driving Mode: Pneumatic

    Applicable Item Size: 40-200 Mm

    Work Range: Suction Cup 150 Mm/Between Claws 90°

    Grip/Grab Weight: 1000g

    Body Weight: 1000g

  • Degree of Freedom: Finger * 2

    Driving Mode: Motor Drive

    Applicable Item Size: 16-115Mm

    Work Range: Finger Root 90°/Fingertip 45°

    Grip/Grab Weight: 10-15N

    Body Weight: 300g

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