CPolish is a force-controlled grinding system independently developed by COBOT. The system greatly simplifies the complex trajectory programming and robot calibration problems by means of fast trajectory generation technology and hybrid force-position control technology. The introduction of force control in the grinding process also greatly improves the workpieces’ grinding quality, processing efficiency, and equipment safety.

CPolish can debug the majority of robotic grinding process of complex workpieces in 4 hours, such as propellers, wind turbine blades and so on.


CPolish video

Product Advantage

  • Simple and Flexible

  • Efficient and Precise

  • Reliable and Safe

Product Framework

    Six-Dimensional Force Sensor

    CPolish provides the hardware needed for the operation of force control functions, including the six-dimensional force sensor that measures the forces and moments in the three axial directions.


    Fx,Fy — 200N

    Fz  — 200N

    Tx,Ty — 10Nm

    Tz — 6.5Nm

    Fast Trajectory Generation

    To simplify the design and debugging of grinding process, CPolish provides two fast trajectory generation functions: fast trajectory generation based on CAD model and fast trajectory generation based on Intelligent teaching. CPolish provides the simplest and friendliest methods for complex trajectory programming through 3D interactive design, automatic trajectory planning, and drag teaching.


    Intelligent Force Control Software

    CPolish has the following characteristics of force control software:

    • Automatic Calibration of Force Sensor

    • Load Recognition and Gravity Compensation of Force Sensor

    • Temperature Compensation of Force Sensor

    • Bayesian Filtering

    • Constant Force Control

    • Variable Speed Control

    • Force-based Protection and Recovery

    • Force-based Monitoring


Grinding Task Flow

  • 1

    Model Import

    Import the 3D model of the workpiece to be grinded.

  • 2

    Process Design

    CPolish provides two grinding process design methods: intelligent teaching and 3D interface interaction. It can refine, emulate, and optimize grinding trajectory and force field automatically.

  • 3

    Grinding Execution

    According to the grinding process set by the user, CPolish performs hybrid force-position control, flexibly adjusts the grinding trajectory of the robot, and monitors the grinding process in real time.


Download Center

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