Nowadays, increasing number of robotic and automation facilities are upgraded and innovated. Various new types of machines, software, and hardware have changed our lives. From mobile phones, computers, networks to various electronic goods, they have provided more and more convenience in our lives. In fact, everything depends on the development of robotic technology. And the development of technology is inseparable from the popularization and inception of education.

Robot is a comprehensive subject, involving machinery, power electronics, mechanics, materials, etc., setting higher requirements for the quality of talents and industrial basis. With the popularization of higher education in China, the proportion of people with bachelor degree or above is increasing by the year, and the number of science and engineering postgraduates is increasing, which lays a foundation for the development of robotics industry. Robot research institutes have landed in colleges and universities, focusing on the research and development of robotics technology, the transformation of technological achievements, and the cultivation of robotics industry. We have designed a comprehensive teaching platform for this purpose, which fully integrates the special research platforms of flexible grasp, force-controlled grinding, mobile grasp and flexible assembly, providing a good platform for students to learn and operate robots.

Intelligent Flexible Grasp Platform for Scientific Research and Teaching

Services provided by COBOT:

Hardware platform

COBOTSYS Operating System


Main production processes of the training platform:

Unordered feeding based on machine vision

Turn milling

Force-Controlled Grinding

Visual inspection on processing results

Assembly and warehousing


What can the training platform do?

Intelligent Production Line Display with Demonstration Effect

Customized Teaching Content Design Based on Customer Requirements

Scientific researchers can carry out research and experiment based on this platform.

  • Intelligent manufacturing demonstration line

  • Intelligent and flexible grasping scientific research and teaching platform

  • Robotic force control polishing research and teaching platform

  • Mobile Grab Scientific Research and Flexible Assembly Research Platform

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