Nowadays, with the improvement of food safety supervision and the rise of labor cost, a large number of sorting work has become the bottleneck of production efficiency. The gradual disappearance of population dividend indicates that automated production in food industry is an inevitable trend. The sorting robot helps reduce the amount of sorting work through the application of visual system, especially to classify the appearance quality of food, directly avoiding the impact on the economic benefits of enterprises by the use of manual food classification and sorting, low production efficiency, high labor intensity, poor hygiene, and poor product quality consistency. The robot keeps good performance in repetitive work with consistent stability.

Classification System of Edible Fungi Grades

The detected items are brought into the visual system through the conveyor belt. The visual inspection system classifies the food and marks the defective food. Then the sorting execution system sorts and rejects the defective food. It is suitable for mushroom food sorting and dried fruit food sorting.


  • Edible fungus grade classification system

  • Nut food defect detection and sorting system

  • Food automatic cartoning system

  • Food automatic packing system

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