Rapid development of society constantly enhances people's living standards. The diversity of products has made the demand for sorting in manufacturing industry soar. However, the characteristics of labor-intensiveness have limited the normal development of manufacturing industry. The efficiency, precision, and sanitary requirements of sorting operations are encountering a huge bottleneck. A more intelligent, more efficient, and safer human-machine cooperation mode has emerged at the historic moment, which not only solves the increasingly high labor costs of manufacturing industry, but also constructs a healthy manufacturing ecosystem.


Robot Disassembly and Selection

According to order scheduling, the box-type vertical warehouse sends the bin out to the goods-to-person workstation, while sending the grabbing instructions to the robot, which starts to perform the online picking, and puts the goods into the designated output order box. The application has high sorting efficiency and low error rate, suitable for scenarios such as medical logistics, e-commerce logistics, and food logistics.



  • E-commerce robot demolition

  • Vision-guided hybrid demolition

  • Express sorting

  • Vision-guided hybrid palletizing

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