Driven by new infrastructure and new technologies, hospital construction is also going through a critical period from "informatization" to "intelligence". As an important window in medical services, pharmacies create smart pharmacies. In order to improve the safety, compliance and efficiency of drug management, and optimize the drug management process, improve the overall operation level and efficiency, it is an urgent need for hospital digital construction. It is the development trend of the intelligent management mode of hospital pharmacy.

ISmart pharmacy solution

Based on the overall pharmacy management platform, combined with modern information management technology, relying on artificial intelligence and robot real-time planning technology, aiming at the pain points and difficulties of the medical industry, innovative zero-touch smart pharmacy solutions, including smart reissue integrated machines and smart secondary libraries Differentiated product solutions including the intelligent visual review system to realize end-to-end logistics management, lean processes and digital monitoring of medicines from the distribution channel to the hospital pharmacy to the terminal application link, open up the information flow and physical logistics of the pharmacy, and realize the pharmacy Intelligent management, automatic adjustment and professional service.

  • automatic dispensing machine

  • Intelligent robot medicine replenishing machine

  • intelligent second-order library

  • AI-based visual Recheck system

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