With the development of artificial intelligence, the technological breakthrough, and the widespread application in various fields, medical treatment, as a key to the well-being of people's livelihood, has attracted much attention in its development. As an application of artificial intelligence in the medical field, medical robots can effectively help doctors to carry out a series of medical diagnosis and auxiliary treatment, and help accurate and rapid automatic dispensing, effectively addressing the shortage of medical resources to promote the development of medical informatization.

Integrated Storage-Distribution Automated Pharmacy

The dispatching system combines multiple prescriptions, sends drugs out of warehouse into the robot sorting workstation through AGV centralized dispatching. The robot sorts prescription drugs according to the requirements of each prescription, realizing the automatic distribution of drugs. The system takes little area, and has high efficiency and zero error rate, suitable for dispensing in hospital pharmacy.


  • Automated pharmacy

  • Robot automatic dispensing system

  • Robotic force massage

  • Robotic ultrasound imaging system